Secure Destruction


    Manage Information Risk

    With a simple email or call our company at your disposal with fast and secure destruction of documents in any medium. From thin paper to cardboard, from microfilm, CDs, DVDs to computer hard drive Innovacycle company guarantees data destruction under supervision. All these special services are offered at your company office or on-site that helps you better manage information risk.


    Container offer

    Innovacycle offers the most requested types of containers for collection and storage of company documents with valuable information. These documents are kept secure until their total destruction under supervision.
    The containers have different sizes and styles are attractive, you can close and have a high loading capacity.
    It is very important that containers can be locked and kept safe.

  • Container High Security console

    This container is designed as a furniture fits perfectly in any office. This does not alter the ambiance and decor of your company offices and can store up to 80 lb paper or cardboard.

    Dimensions: 38.5"H x 19.5"W x 20"L

    Capacity: 80 lbs of paper.

  • Container Large 64 Gallon Tote

    Large container size roller is ideal for small offices or rooms with copiers that require high employee traffic. It is easy to handle and can be moved easily in different offices.

    Dimensions: 43"H x 27"W x 22"L

    Capacity: 165 lbs of paper.

  • Container Super-size 95 Gallon Tote

    This model is ideal for large rooms with copiers and can hold about 300 lbs of paper or cardboard. It is easy to handle and wheels can be easily moved to different locations.

    Dimensions: 46"H x 32"W x 26"L

    Capacity: 280 lbs of paper.

shredding Service

  • Secure Document Destruction

    There are many opportunities as you discover documents or waste that you have gathered for many months and years and which you no longer need.
    You must get rid of rubbish but, in these old documents and records there is confidential and secret information which should not be disclosed.
    The solution is simple calling Innovacyle Secure Document Destruction services and ask for details.

  • On-site document shredding

    Innovacycle personnel collects materials identified for secure document destruction,

  • brings them to the shredding vehicle, and shreds them right at your doorstep.

    Secure monitoring

    Destruction of documents can be done with witnesses and can be controlled with cameras. Video system monitors the destruction of documents by shredder made to ensure safe destruction of materials.

    help and Convenience

    For your comfort you should know that it is not necessary to especially prepare materials for destruction like staples, paper clips, etc.

    when you need

    When you need contact us and we come within 24 hours where you need us.

    Professional service

    Our staff is qualified and experienced and always respond quickly to your requests.

    Future in your hands

    By recycling operations you can save acres of forest, natural treasures and natural landscapes of the planet. Life tomorrow depends on each material recycled by us today.