Innovacycle On-Site Shredding!

  • About Innovacycle document destruction

    A trust company for your safety
    Innovacycle specializes in providing document destruction services which allows businesses to comply with legislation and ensure that the client, employee and confidential business information is kept secure at all times. Your confidential records are quickly and effectively destroyed without interruption of your business operations.

  • Our ECO vision for future

    Innovacycle is an international recycling company.
    Our team is constantly looking for innovative recycling solutions that meet our customers' needs. We help our customers identify and process materials that would otherwise be discarded in a landfill. With our programs our customers save the environment.
    The company’s success is a direct result of treating employees and customers fairly. Our integrity and ethical business practices will continue to propel the company’s growth. As the company grows, keeping employees and customers abreast of industry trends and innovations will be a key to our continued success.

  • a noble mission with high value

    A Simple Way to Manage Information Risk
    We believe that God has provided us with a beautiful world and we must protect our Environment for future generations. We believe that our customers deserve excellent service, and the welfare of people drives our success.

  • How does the innovacycle shredding process works:

    Secure Way in Five Steps
    1. We deliver to your location different types of locked bins.
    2. Now, you can fill the bins with everything to be shredded.
    3. When you ask, we can shred On-Site everything in the bins.
    4. You get a certificate of destruction.
    5. All the paper or other materials shreds can be recycled.







  • Secure Document Destruction

    With a simple email or call our company is at your disposal to secure and/or destroy your documents timely. From thin paper to cardboard, from microfilm, CDs, DVDs to computer hard drive Innovacycle company guarantees data destruction under supervision. Read more

  • Archive Shredding Service

    Innovacyle destruction can offer services to any material which is then stored to be recycled. We sort by category and offer the possibility of recycling and recovery. Our machines can destroy all media of information from paper thin to thick paperboard containing ... Read more

  • Container Selection

    Innovacycle offers the most requested types of containers for collection and storage of company documents with valuable information. These documents are kept secure until their total destruction under supervision. The containers have different sizes and... Read more

  • Recycled Service

    Don’t dump used aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard materials at the landfill. Instead, recycle them and we will pick them up for free. Call us to evaluate your waste materials. We will give you the best solution and pick-up dates. Also we will arrange for trailer pick up ... Read more