Plant-based Shredding & Baling System PLUS a Mobile Shredding Truck Unloading System


    Whether you need a single piece of used equipment or an entire shredding and baling system, we've got what you're looking for. Call for more information on any of the products shown below.


    *Maren horizontal auto-tie baler, model 203-103, with 8″ bore main cylinder and 30 Hp motor

    *Endura-Veyor 60″ cart tipper designed for either dual 95-gallon or single 190-gallon containers

    *Endura-Veyor shredding truck unloading conveyor

    *Ameri-Shred model 750 plant-based shredder

    *Allegheny model 20-350C plant-based shredder

    *Dust collector for shredding system with dust handling fan

    *Allegheny 20-350C conveyor with 20 Hp motor

    *30″ W x 15-18 'L sorting conveyor with incline section

    *Sonac high-level sensor for conveyor control

    *Marathon V-4244 vertical baler

    *All motors rated for 460 VAC, 3 phase

  • If you recycle 1 ton of paper you will save an estimate of:

    17 trees
    463 gallons of oil
    590 pounds of air pollution
    3 yards of landfill space
    6900 gallons of water
    4000 KW hours of energy

    Let’s recycle all of our mail including all unopened junk mail.

recycled Service

  • Recycled all after Destruction

    Innovacycle is a national and international recycling company. Our main goal is to save the environment for future generations to enjoy. Our senior management has over 30 years of in plant material handling experience together with a network of international associations.
    We also count with global, logistics and marketing experience. Innovacycle continually strives to provide unsurpassed procurement opportunities for buyers and outstanding material flow solutions for our sellers or pick-up accounts.
    The solution is simple calling Innovacyle Secure Document Destruction services and ask for details.

  • Save your money

    Don’t dump used aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard materials at the landfill. Instead, recycle them and we will pick them up for free. Call us to evaluate your waste materials. We will give you the best solution and pick-up dates. Also we will arrange for trailer pick up service. ALL AT NO COST TO YOU!

    List of recyled Materials

    * Aluminium
    * White Office paper
    * Color Office paper
    * Newspapers
    * Cardboard
    * Paper
    * Package
    * Old books
    * Plastics
    * Polyester
    * Polypropylene
    * Polyethylene
    * Polyamide
    * Polystyrene
    * PVC
    * Engineering grades
    * Misc. scrap thermoplastics
    * ABS/PC M/c REG
    * Acrylic sheet – cut off
    * Unfilled nylon
    * Styrene
    * DVD’s & CD’s